Advertising and Adblockers: Best Practices

Adblockers pose a substantial problem for bloggers and site owners the world over whose primary source of income is ad revenue.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Taboola are paying the owner of Adblock Plus to unblock ads on their websites at a fee of “30% of the additional ad revenues” they would have made were ads unblocked, the Financial Times reports.

adblockers Let’s have an objective look at some of the tactics used to deal with ad-block users, and the effects those strategies might have.

Option 1: Do nothing
Let the adblockers do their duty if your site does not need revenue from ads. Try instead to motivate visitors to like and share your posts.

Option 2: Ask to be whitelisted with a pop-up screen
Check your site with and without ads. Keep in mind the proportionality if your site with ads is looking worse than without advertisement banners.

Option 3: Host the visuals on your site
I’m astonished that this simple but effective solution has not been proposed by any of the researchers and copywriters on this subject.

Remember that only ads that come directly from your affiliate program will be blocked (Except if you are one of the main players…)
My solution is as simple as it is effective:

  1. Download the affiliate visual and upload it to your site.
  2. Get the banner link code from your affiliate program and link it to the visual.


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